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La Jolla Skin Skin Care Specialist 

Hello! My name is Adriana Lepadatu, and I am a Natural European Skin Care Specialist. I am Greek origin and received my graduate degree from the University of Bucharest Romania. Following graduation, I worked as a skin specialist in Romania and then in Athens, Greece. In the United States, after receiving my California license, I owned and operated a skin care office in Beverly Hills, California for four and a half years. Since 1994, I have been operating my salon in La Jolla, California.

Natural Organic Skin Care Products

Based on my experience I have developed a line of fantastic facial products. Each one is a holistic skin care recipe made from organic cosmetic ingredients.


Organic Facial Products

My skin firming lotions, creams, and pore cleaners should be a part of every skin care program. These products oxygenate, tone, rejuvenate and help correct wrinkled looking skin, revitalize your healthy complexion.

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Natural Organic Skin Care Treatments

When you follow my skin routine and apply my organic treatments, be prepared for an astonishing  new you.

Natural Anti 

Aging Therapy

Get rid of wrinkles the pleasant way.

No aluminum or metal is used during cosmetics preparation and the products are fragrance and artificial color free. No animal tested.

Using organic remedies, and my personal touch, each treatment will help shrink pores, hydrate, smooth out wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin; ideally to help "turn back the clock." Treatments will have almost 0% irritation or allergic reaction.

La Jolla Day Spa Services

After more than 20 years of European experience in natural skin care, I assure you that every treatment will contribute to the achievement of a fresh, healthier and more attractive skin for you.
  • The Skin Care That Can Help Turn Back The Facial Clock
  • The treatments hydrate, help smooth out the wrinkles, regenerate, rejuvenate & beautify your skin, diminish damage from sun or broken capillaries, minimize large pores, and boost collagen production, promising fast improvement.
  • Discover what my anti-aging, organic, European treatments can do for your skin!

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Discover Adriana’s original European Formulas that help sagging skin!

We are a skin care company that manufactures and sells natural and organic products. All our products are natural, organic, long lasting, 100% fragrance free, non comedogenic and non allergenic.

We don’t use artificial colors and we don’t employ animal testing.

Every handmade product is prepared with great care to prevent contamination. Our natural skin care recipes are kind to sensitive skin, and are both non-allergenic and non-toxic. Our products are recommended for all skin types, both for men and women.

To better understand and appreciate the quality and the efficiency of our organic products, we strongly encourage and recommend that our online guests review our clients’ opinions, feedback and testimonials. Although there are many products on the market which claim to attenuate wrinkles, our clients never switch products or brands once they try our long researched European natural organic formulas.

Our especially formulated antiaging cream is an extreme moisturizer containing natural elasticity promoting ingredients which are formulated to nourish the skin during sleep. When used regularly, our cream reverses the harmful effects of aging on wrinkled skin. While depending on each individual's skin condition (damage to the skin and/or age) results may be visible after only a few treatment sessions.

This facial long lasting antiwrinkle formula which contains Sea Kelp, Vitamin "O"and Hyaluronic Acid will rejuvenate, correct the signs of aging, will improve and maintain skin elasticity and firm the skin with a lifting effect. It reverses the harmful effects of aging on skin tone and increases collagen density. This extraordinary anti aging protector is an aid in preventing genetic cell damage.

The treatment with Adriana’s Night Intensive Treatment Anti Aging Lift Crčme will make your skin become soft, yet firm, smooth, youthful, silky while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Adriana's Lift Creme revitalizes, balances, and brings back natural health and beauty to your skin for radiant well-being. It delivers pure and natural oxygen to the skin cells and tissues, enhancing and stimulating new cell growth, which leads to faster tissue repair and tissue recovery time. Oxygen also reduces wrinkles and degeneration of the skin. It contains Sea Kelp which is high in silicon, which benefit to sagging and wrinkling skin.

Among our products with organically derived ingredients, the featured long-lasting rich eye cream is designed to revitalize, restore, and reduce fine lines. It is also a soothing emollient for the delicate eye area which desentizes, decongests, and strengthens fragile skin. Our organic innovative formula promotes younger look and is the best eye cream available. It is also effective on those tiny creases above the lip.

Our oxygenating cleanser has a unique dispenser which transforms liquid into a froth of foam. It is ultra-light and water-soluble. This natural facial cleanser, recommended also for sensitive skin, which is very good for unclogging pores, delicately washes away impurities and invigorates with stimulating botanicals.

If you are looking for the ultimate treatment for younger, more resilient skin tone, please try our Hydrafirm Throat and Bust Formula. This intensive gel tightens loose contours with nine different firming extracts. Milk protein beads minimize pores and leave the skin soft, smooth and supple. This natural skin care recipe in gel form is better than a skin or breast lotion.

If you wish to combine an Intensive Anti Wrinkle Treatment with a Natural & organic skin care product with anti-inflammatory response, please consider our anti wrinkle products which also lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles and get rid of spots. These products are excellent for increasing the blood circulation to your skin, the repair of wrinkled looking skin which also shrink pores and make the skin surface smoother.

These unmatched intensive treatment formulas work especially well on face wrinkles, under eye wrinkles, upper lip wrinkles and crow foot lines and close open pores. No other anti wrinkle cream or product works as fast or as well.