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About Us



   Hello! My name is Adriana Lepadatu, and I am a Natural European Skin Care Specialist. I am Greek origin and received my graduate degree from the University of Bucharest. Following graduation, I worked as a skin specialist in Romania and then in Athens, Greece. In the United States, after receiving my California license, I owned and operated a skin care office in Beverly Hills, California for four and a half years. Since 1994, I have been operating my salon in La Jolla, California.

Based on my experience I have developed a line of fantastic facial products. Each one is a holistic skin care recipe made from organic cosmetic ingredients.

My skin firming lotions, creams, and pore cleaners should be a part of every skin care program. These products oxygenate, tone, rejuvenate and help correct wrinkled looking skin, revitalize your healthy complexion.


When you follow my skin routine and apply my organic treatments, be prepared for an astonishing  new you. Get rid of wrinkles the pleasant way.

No aluminum or metal is used during cosmetics preparation and the products are fragrance and artificial color free. No animal tested.

Using organic remedies, and my personal touch, each treatment will help shrink pores, hydrate, smooth out wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin; ideally to help "turn back the clock." Treatments will have almost 0% irritation or allergic reaction.

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