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Client Testimonials

"This letter is being written in appreciation for the wonderful work done by Adriana.

From the first time I visited Adriana for a facial I noticed an immediate difference in my skin. In just a few months time my skin became smoother, softer and free of frequent blemishes through her superb facial technique and the wonderful products she uses and provides.
I have tried many other products currently on the commercial market and none compare to Adriana s natural, chemical free and specially made products.
Adriana is truly a magician in the world of skin care!"
Christina Spiro
Marriage, Family, Child Counselor
(619) 299-7820

"This letter is to commend Adriana Lepadatu for the quality of her services in facial care and the unique healing and nourishing products she elaborates by using only pure natural ingredients, as I had the opportunity to discover myself.
I have been using her products for 2 years now, and I have seen a great improvement in my epidermis, especially in my facial tissue. I discovered that by regular use the results are more than excellent and I will continue to use her products. There is nothing else on the market that can match her natural products.
Adriana s facial treatment is effective and soothing. Her unique European procedures make her therapy successful. Her studies in Europe and her perseverance through the years towards improving the quality of her services and products make Adriana a real professional."
Christian Miclea
Multilingual Interpreter
(619) 265-1733

July 12, 1995
"This is to recommend Adriana s face day and night creams as being most pure and effective. I have very sensitive skin and when using other than Adriana s cosmetics, there always appear pimples. Since Adriana s treatment my skin has become much smoother and the wrinkles have diminished."
Roula Kiousis
Athens, Greece

Sept. 30, 1991
"This is to recommend Adriana for the excellent work she has accomplished in the field of cosmetology. She is an expert in making face and body lotions and creams by using pure natural ingredients. Her long experience in Europe, her technique and conscientiousness have gained her enormous gratitude from her clients.
Adriana, with her pleasant personality, is a great asset for whomever she works with."
Helen Tsobanou
32, Kalymnou Street
Athens, Greece

Sept. 7, 1991
"I have been going to Adriana for a year and a half for her natural treatments, and my skin is much improved. I have very sensitive skin and had found Adriana most helpful and also my skin has less wrinkles and lines."
Wendy E. Lamson
Creative Dance, Yoga, T ai Chi

Oct. 2, 1991
"This letter is to commentate Adriana for the excellent work she has done in the field of Cosmetology, her practice of making creams, from her European technique, and the gratitude she gets from clients is enormous. She is great asset for whom ever she works with."
Maria California Behraki
Athens, Greece

"I have been going to Adriana for almost a year now, I have seen great improvement in the texture of my skin, diminished scarring from blemishes, and much smoother, softer skin.
Adriana s facial products are wonderful. She uses all natural ingredients which replenish the skin s natural moisture and elasticity.
Adriana is truly gifted in the area of skin care!"
Julie Neuman
Certified Shorthand Reporter

Jan. 10, 1997
"I have known Adriana Lepadatu for over a year. I have been using her products for the last nine months and find that they are extremely helpful in rejuvenating my skin. At age 69 this is indeed a miracle.
I know that with regular and recommended use of her natural skin products that I would have even more results. However, her products are so excellent that even when I use them less than recommended I can see an immediate and tremendous change in the texture and freshness of my skin. Her creams, lotions and ice wash are magnificent and I no longer use any other products.
Adriana s facials are superb and her knowledge of skin care is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend Adriana as your skin specialist."
B J Camp
Designer, Artist

"My skin is now firm, smooth, clean and fresh after the first treatment Adriana gave me. Thank you again Adriana for that special facial treatment. It has been the greatest thing that ever happened for my skin to improve, and made me completely satisfied with the way I now feel and look."
Gladys Galati

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