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The Skin Care That Can Help Turn Back The Facial Clock

After more than 20 years of European experience in natural skin care, I assure you that every treatment will contribute to the achievement of a fresh, healthier and more attractive skin for you.

Products used during skin care treatment are all hand made using only fresh organic ingredients and oxygen for the condition and type of skin of each client, or customized for each individual s concerns.
The treatments hydrate, help smooth out the wrinkles, regenerate, rejuvenate & beautify your skin, diminish damage from sun or broken capillaries, minimize large pores, and boost collagen production, promising fast improvement.

Discover what my anti-aging, organic, European treatments can do for your skin!

European Classic 1hr, 15min $60
A deep pore-cleansing facial using steam, extraction, plant scrub, facial & shoulder massage, natural mask, brushing and protective cream.

Premier Facial 40min $50

Cleansing cream, facial massage with anti-wrinkle handmade treatment cream, special oxygen organic mask, brushing and protective cream, relaxing vibration.

Mud Treatment Or Oxygen Organic Mask $30

Cleansing cream, facial massage with anti-wrinkle handmade treatment cream, mud from the Black Sea rich in minerals, marine amino acids, oxygen, organic substances or oxygen organic mask designed to rejuvenate and feed the skin cells, brushing and protective hand-made cream.

Back Facial 1hr $60

Deep cleansing, extraction, natural jelly and plant scrub, antibacterial spray, natural hand-made mask.

Acne Holistic Therapeutic Facial 1hr $60+

A deep pore cleansing using steam, appropriate for the condition of the skin.

Royal Facial 1hr $110

Discover what my anti-aging, organic, European treatments can do for your skin!
A facial procedure using no steam, the ultimate anti-aging treatment. Recommended for sensitive skin, large-pored skin, sun damaged skin and broken capillaries. Deep cleansing with herbs and select cereal jelly with plant scrub to remove dead skin. Face and shoulder massage with Lift Treatment Creme, neck & shoulder massage with handmade jelly and anti-bacterial body spray.  Special oxygen organic mask, brushing, protective cream and relaxing vibration.

Special Mask 35min $40

Hand ma
de organic products mixed and customized for each individual s concern, or to the complexion of the skin. Contains: ginkgo biloba, ginseng, essiac, royal jelly, enzymes, lecithin, fruit acids, plants, herbs, O2, apple, pumpkin & just to name a few!

NEW Special hands mask 25 min $ 20

Cleansing cream, Oxygenating Anti Aging hand made treatment cream, mask with main ingredients:
red wine, as a powerful antioxidant, organic green tea, grape seed oil, concentrate vitamin C, in a collagen base. Combat sun & aging spots, protect, correct, smooth, rejuvenate.

Natural Stress Therapy Body T
reatment 30min $50

A treatment to relax you physically and mentally.  Organic ingredients and oxygen will be applied on the body.  Revive with aroma therapy and light relaxing vibration. This treatment will also improve the circulation of blood and lymph, relieve muscular fatigue and tension, hydrate and invigorate the skin, and help you lose some inches.

Special Series (five facials every two weeks)

  • Special Acne Holistic Facial Series of five facials every two weeks $300 European Classic series of five facials every two weeks $300 Premier Facial series of five facials every two weeks $250
  • Royal Facial series of five facials every two weeks $500

Additional Services

  • Add $10 for each additional 15 minutes of treatment. Add $10 for each type of facial that includes the special mask treatment. Add $15 for hand and foot massage with handmade jelly and relaxing spray lotion, warm mitts and booties.
  • Add $5 when France Vitale Oil is used after waxing (each hair removal area).


NO synthetic preservatives or chemicals! Not tested on animals!

European Waxing
Long lasting & safe natural hair removal.
Upper lip or chin $13
Underarms $17
Bikini line $15-$25
Face wax $30+
Eye brow w/shape $13
Lash tint  $15
Patches $7
Back wax $25+
Brow tint $13
Add $5 when France Vitale Oil is used after waxing (each hair removal area).
All services benefit from aroma-therapy, an excellent treatment for the body, mind, and spirit.  It may also help you achieve better sleep and reduce mental stress.  So, come relax and detoxify yourself during any of my treatments!

Complimentary consultation available on weekdays, with skin analysis under a magnifying or wood lamp.

Free Refreshments!

Gift Certificates Available!

Cancellation: 24 hour  cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged for a scheduled service.

These Special Offers and Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please call for details!

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