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Beauty Tips


Dry Complexion:
Cleansing Cream
Remove it with rain water or mineral water
Beat an egg yolk with 3 to 4 drops of honey
Apply to your face
After 20 minutes, splash off with rain or mineral water
Repeat several times daily

Oily Complexion:
Apply plain yogurt to oily areas
After 20 minutes, splash off with cool mint tea
Repeat several times daily

Acne Complexion:
Apply thin slices of fresh organic cucumber on acne area
After 15-20 minutes, remove slices
Splash with mineral water
Repeat 3-4 times daily
For better results, a facial is recommended before starting to use any mask. Your skin will derive better benefits from a natural mask.
Eat well and include organic vegetables & fruits in your diet.
Get plenty of vitamins & mineral rich foods.
Drink plenty of water. This will moisturize you from the inside out!
Exercise regularly. Dance once a week!

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